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No Account Needed

Get started just by creating a zurvey. Don't surrender your email unless you want notifications and access to your zurveys via multiple browsers.


Never worry that your zurvey will suddenly be taken down due to popularity. We want you to be successful!

Easy to Use

Create and run a zurvey in seconds. What you see is what you get - no strings attached.

Looks Great on Mobile and Desktop

Zurveys is designed to be used on mobile devices and desktop browsers so your surveys will look great no matter where they are viewed!

Never Loose Something You Type

Typing is a pain, especially on mobile devices. Zurveys tries not to forget stuff you type. If your browser crashes, you should be able to pick right up where you left off just by reloading the page!

No Account Necessary

You don't need to create an account to start using Zurveys. Just create and publish - you'll be able to administrate and see results come in even weeks later by using the same browser. If you want to administrate your zurveys on another browser or get notifications of results via email, create an account.

What people are saying...

Aaron S.

"Easiest way to make online surveys!"

Samantha T.

"Why is it called Zurveys? Why not oh, I see. Never mind!"

Anders B.

"Who made this? I could have done a much better job."

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